I does not with gorgeous of words to expression

The furthest distance in the world is not when plainly can not resist the yearning, but you're pretending I was not in my heart, in your own Leng Mo heart, to love you dig an article was unable to cross ditches. Hearts a mess, thought for a long time know how should I treat you in the future. Dang you said we is no longer met, I think I lost has many, I does not with gorgeous of words to expression, I only wanted to with I of mind, on you said: I is uncomfortable, I do not want to had with no you of life, I do not want to saw you helpless and sad of face, I wanted to returned to yiqian, yiqian that segment fast has of time, you of the slightest facial expression, as you of mood, let I feeling to this is happiness, you said we of awareness, is you of wrong, I does not so think, all are is karma and up. Memories is the heaven and hell, I'm sure you know how. I hope that I would like to go back in time, retrieve those fast moments. Mind you, it was me, make you happy it was me, make you suffer sad am I. I know you're ambivalent, so are my, my heart never calm.

22.11.11 09:43


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