I does not with gorgeous of words to expression

The furthest distance in the world is not when plainly can not resist the yearning, but you're pretending I was not in my heart, in your own Leng Mo heart, to love you dig an article was unable to cross ditches. Hearts a mess, thought for a long time know how should I treat you in the future. Dang you said we is no longer met, I think I lost has many, I does not with gorgeous of words to expression, I only wanted to with I of mind, on you said: I is uncomfortable, I do not want to had with no you of life, I do not want to saw you helpless and sad of face, I wanted to returned to yiqian, yiqian that segment fast has of time, you of the slightest facial expression, as you of mood, let I feeling to this is happiness, you said we of awareness, is you of wrong, I does not so think, all are is karma and up. Memories is the heaven and hell, I'm sure you know how. I hope that I would like to go back in time, retrieve those fast moments. Mind you, it was me, make you happy it was me, make you suffer sad am I. I know you're ambivalent, so are my, my heart never calm.

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Numerous stamp this love cherry blossom into the crowds on the streets

Golden, the time, watching the coming and going in the world of mad men and devout women, heart pain a little warmer. Hope did not wear a grievance, cannot see the shadow of the side, unable to escape the dream! Dou Yun love nerd, who smell. Flowers in the mirror, Moon in the water, so persistent vision who knows love grieve? The time is, Chenyuan dreams, too many people, and fades in the eyes, there had been the heart has been played down in the wind, who was my passing, I, who from? Will you come? Also remember that once the Convention – life, hold hands, gjanice promise. Whether you will come or not, I was at the infinity of cherry blossoms in the rain, without regret. The world loving, I soon empty. Your breath, diffused into my heart, melt my blood. How can I quietly drinking tea, how can leisurely and quiet comfort, the cherry blossoms in full bloom reflects, beautiful engraved on my mind you that once was like a cherry blossom mosaic heart empty of memories, as always, dedicated, always clear. Numerous stamp this love cherry blossom into the crowds on the streets, I find you on foot, where you are, why the rush crowd, your posture without a trace! Think more, when I look back, you'll be in the bend, eyes loving with the I heart Palm hand, in the next season of Sakura rain, only to see the love cherry blossom, bloom, just for you

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